A selection of reviews from readers on Amazon and Goodreads:

A beautifully- written fusion of past and present via Amazon (5 stars)

“The Dream House is a truly great read which had me chuckling one moment and crying the next. It’s a book which, in the lightest and most enjoyable of ways, compares the predicaments faced by two women living a hundred years apart. One minute you are busy empathizing with the modern day dilemmas of Kate as she seeks to juggle being a successful career woman and a successful mother. The next, when Kate finds her dream house in the country, you are being whisked back in time to witness the Victorian predicaments once faced by its now elderly inhabitant Agnes. Agnes’ story is both tragically gripping and fascinating in its detail – can you imagine watching the first traffic lights being put up on Oxford Street??! The two eras are cleverly linked in a story that is intricately woven and keeps you guessing to the very end. I really couldn’t put it down”

The Dream House via Amazon (5 stars)

“Have we not at one time wanted to escape the life we are living without really considering the consequences of doing just that! Rachel Hore’s written this with considerable care to detail showing the pitfalls that are encountered by taking that simple step to a better life for a normal family. Twists and turns that hold your attention to the last page even when you think you can predict the end there is that inevitable twist”